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  • The device is intended for correction of blood pressure and psychoemotional condition (decrease of stress level, increase of working capacity) by normalization of vascular tone and enhancement of natural protective forces of the body.
  • Electrostimulation is performed with a weak electric current on the sensation threshold.
  • The device uses programs differing from each other in the frequencies (9 to 140 Hz), time and exposure magnitude.

  • Description
  • Therapeutic
  • Contraindications
  • Studies
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

The operating principle of device АВР-051 is based on the exposure to the electric current of various frequency and magnitude-impulse modulation on reflex zones of the left wrist. The zones were selected in accordance with the universal biogenetic law of metamerism, the particularity of segmental distribution of the somatic visceral innervation and somatic vegetative integrations. Names of the zones and their location coincide with zones MC-6 (PC-6) “nei guan” (inner side of the left wrist) and TE-5 “wai guan” (outer side of the left wrist) known in acupuncture. The device generates impulses similar by the form to the impulses of action potential opened by laureates of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine A. Hodgkin and A. Huxley in 1963.

Blood pressure changes as a result of the reconstruction of sanologic functional system of the body by the type of artificial stable functional connection exposing to the receptor apparatus of nerve-vascular elements in distal parts of dermatomeres of the left forearm connected segmentarily and suprasegmentarily with cardiovascular and vasomotor centers.

The stimulation of non-myelinated C-fibers of the median nerve (somatic afferent stimulation) occurs which causes the expression of endogenous opioids (β-endorphins) in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood, and inhibits the increased blood pressure, and leads to the excitation of the sympathetic nervous system in the rostral ventrolateral medulla (rVLM) (i.e. vasomotor center). Opioid peptides inhibit the sympathetic outflow by activation of μ-opioid receptors in rVLM (in the vasomotor center) and decrease a sympathetic excitatory response induced by the activation of visceral afferents.

As a result, it becomes possible to influence the vascular tone as “the most effective and safe method for exposure to blood pressure. The device almost does not influence cardiac output and heart rate“.

Moreover, the device improves emotional condition, decreases weather sensitivity, increases working capacity, normalizes sleep, prevents a professional and emotional burnout, and decreases stress level due to cortisol decrease.

  • Resistant high systemic BP in patients with arterial hypertension – as an adjunct to complex drug therapy.
  • Episodes of blood pressure increase in stress situations, weather changes, change of time zones, etc. in persons with labile arterial hypertension.
  • Low blood pressure in hypotonic patients – as an adjunct to complex drug therapy.
  • presence of an implanted pacemaker;
  • individual intolerability of the electric current;
  • atrial fibrillation;
  • general contraindications to physiotherapy.
  • skin damage of the distal third of the left forearm (macerations, wounds, burns, exanthema, etc.);
  • neoplasms (tumors) of any etiology or location;
  • acute fevers of unknown origin;
  • acute psychotic, alcohol or drug-induced excitation.
  • What is a device?

    Response: It is a device for blood pressure correction, a medical physiothеrapeutic device. It can be used by persons both with the increased and lowered blood pressure.

  • Does the device measure blood pressure?

    Response: No, it does not measure. Pressure should be measured with a regular tonometer which everyone has. АВР-051 corrects blood pressure.

  • How does the device correct blood pressure?

    Response: Using electro reflexotherapy. The device has two electrodes installed on the reflexogenic zone and exposes to it with electric current of low and moderate frequency. In response to the exposure, the vascular-motor center which is located at the medulla, changes the smooth muscle tone of small arteries. If the tone decreases, blood pressure becomes lower, if it increases – blood pressure becomes higher.

  • Should the device be worn constantly?

    Response: No, it is worn only during a session. A session for hypertensive patients continues for five minutes and a half, and for hypotonic patients – eight minutes.

  • How much does the device lower blood pressure?

    Response: As a rule, when АВР-051 is first used, human blood pressure is lowered by 5-10 mm Hg. Sometimes, by 20-22. In rare cases, blood pressure does not change when the device is first used, and the effect of the use is shown within 10-14 days. The technology of transcutaneous electrostimulation allows to lower blood pressure but it may be hazardous as a dramatic fall of blood pressure can lead to heart stroke, renal dysfunction, faintness, etc.

  • Are there any contraindications?

    Response: There are contraindications. The device should not used if a patient has an installed pace maker, has general contraindications to physiotherapy, or if he is under 14 years of age.

  • Is the device certified?

    Response: It is a medical device, it is registered by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and authorized for medical use in Russia. It is also approved for application and used in the European Union and Middle East.

  • How is the device efficacy confirmed?

    Response: By two things – clinical studies and experience of the use. In Russia, АВР-051 has been widely used for already two years, in the European Union – for one year. During the clinical studies, a positive effect on blood pressure was confirmed, moreover, thousands of patients in Russian and abroad regularly use the device and see the effect. All complaints on the device inefficacy are related either to the misuse or expectation of an instant normalization of blood pressure which is impossible.

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