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Research and

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Since the establishment of Inferum Group, the internal research department has operated in which experienced scientists continuously seek and develop new biomedical technologies. Meanwhile, proprietary patented technologies are constantly elaborated in the research department for further improvement of finished products.

All research findings undergo long-term pre-authorization studiеs both in Russia and abroad. A scientific approach in the development of biomedical technologies and conduction of numerous clinical trials, as well as, non-human studies, guarantee safety and efficacy of the use. It is confirmed by appropriate protocols, certificates and marketing authorizations.

All wellness-technologies having completed successfully pre-authorization studies are transferred to the development and production arrangements department. Then industrial design is elaborated, and a finished product is executed.

While developing biomedical technologies, GC Inferum carries out clinical trials which prove efficacy of the device exposure to humans. During clinical trials, various characteristics of humans, presence of a pharmacological load and other factors are considered. Clinical trial results support the declared values of device efficacy. Most studies are uniformly designed as double-blind placebo-controlled ones.

In Russia, numerous medical studies are carried out in collaboration with leading scientific centers. Our medical partners are:

Many Russian specialists from field-oriented universities participate in the development of biomedical technologies. GC Inferum works with the support of the following professional medical associations:

  • Russian Scientific Medical Society of Therapists;
  • National Health Resort Association;
  • Russian Professional Association of Reflex Therapists;
  • Professional Association of Visceral Therapists;

Company Inferum constantly participates in the leading Russian and global exhibitions such as: Medica, Africa Health, Arab Health, BIOT. The presentation of biomedical technologies to international community and positive feedback indicate that the technologies are acknowledged by world public.

GC Inferum has patents not only for treatment methods but also industrial samples and trade names.