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"Hardware-software complex ROFES E01С is intended for domestic use by sportsmen and people with an active life style to control nutrition regime and physical activity based on wave picture of human body issued under management of a personal computer or mobile device (tablet). A wave picture represents a complex of spectral characteristics of weak electric current with the fast Fourier transform algorithm, evaluated on the five-score scale.

HSC ROFES E01С, not exposing to the body, shows the conditions which can be compared prior to and after exposure of external and internal factors.

  • Contraindications
  • Instruction
  • Documents
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Individual intolerability of plastic components and metal of sensor electrodes contacting with skin.
  • Individual intolerability of a short-term microcurrent exposure.
  • Skin damage where its contacts with electrodes.
  • Malignancies present
  • Presence of an implanted pace maker.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Absence of the left forearm.
  • How can you, testing the body by one point, get so much information on health condition?

    Response: The physical testing principle used in system ROFES, implies a skin galvanic resistance in a biologically active point МС-7 with electric impulses of various strength, voltage and duration. During the long-term studies, some of them dating back to 1965, it has been found out which values are typical for a healthy person of a certain age and sex, and which ones – for a person in an abnormal condition. The difference between normal values and values of a certain client is assessed by the five-score scale, owing to which we get a rofogram – a table of body condition estimates in general and definite organs, in particular.

  • Prior to the testing, I entered not a real but a fictional date. And a rofogram appeared to be not like before. Why did it happen?

    Response: Normal electropuncture values for each age and gender are laid down to program ROFES. Normal values in 20 and 40 years differ. As well, there are separate databases for men and women. If an age or gender is entered incorrectly, then the data of a certain patient would be compared not with the necessary base, and, correspondingly, estimates would be erroneous.

  • I entered not my age intentionally during the test, and the results were different. What is the matter?

    Response: Electroacupuncture data obtained in the test are compared with the base of age-specific normal values. A deviation from normal values is evaluated. There are specific normal age for every age. If client’s data is compared with the base for another age, a rofogram would be absolutely unreliable. It is like to compare height in people of different age. The same height in centimeters in five years is normal, and in twenty years – abnormal, dwarfish. And, on the contrary, the height which is normal in twenty years, means gigantism in ten years.

  • And what to do if I could not handle with a rofogram? If I could not interpret it?

    Response: first, any person can handle with a rofogram just reading the instruction attached to each device. You can get more insight reading a book “To an argonaut about ROFES”. If a person did not want to understand a rofogram more deeply, there is a simpler way. The most important – to learn how to make the test. Then gathering rofograms for one-two weeks, you can come to your Argo consultant, and he can help you to understand the device values, instructs what to do. After a pair of such consultations, any person, even if he does not want, will learn how to interpret a rofogram.

  • ROFES has shown a bad estimate of my some organs, but it is ok in my body! What is the matter?

    Response: ROFES – a preclinical test which shows a condition of organs and systems at the minute. Often, even in the presence of chronic diseases which are now compensated owing to treatment, the device shows good estimates. And it is correct as the treatment is intended to restore a functional organ condition. If after the treatment you had a good estimate, it means that the treatment was effective and achieved the goal.

  • Why when I made the test in the morning, ROFES showed some estimates, and in the evening - other? How could it be?

    Response: It should be so. During a day, a person is exposed to numerous various factors – sometimes, positive, but more often, negative. Of course, ROFES fixes changes. Owing to that, we can see which factors are beneficial for use, and which should be avoided.

  • I want to have ROFES, but I do not have a computer or laptop, and I do not want to buy them as it is very expensive. What to do?

    Response: ROFES can be used not only with a computer or laptop, but also with plate PC Android telephone. You can download program ROFES free-of-charge using Play Market.

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